WELCOME to unfussy camping . . .  where relaxation is the ultimate goal.

​​Come and stay with us and enjoy our 'unfussy' shady backyard atmosphere . . .
​in the                                            of Missouri and experience:
  Maramec Spring Park
     Three rivers for canoing/kayaking 
       The Trail of Tears
           The Mother Road Route 66
               Year round trout fishing
                   Natural caves and springs
                               Missouri S&T University
                                    Fort Leonard Wood
                                        And so much more!

​​Please understand that Wi-Fi and TV reception are practically non-exsistant in this area of Missouri. However, you can look at it as a delightful way to do a 'digital detox' giving you more time  to enjoy our midwestern activities and

We are OPEN YEAR ROUND. Make your reservations anytime you like.
We do book up early for holiday and special events.

Since we are only 5.5 miles from I-44, we can be your homebase RV park
for trout fishing at Maramec Spring Park where you can fish year round.

Foothills of' the Ozarks

enjoy what UN-FUSSY camping is all about.

Quick...and to the Point Explanation ...
Regarding Technology in Our Area​ Of Missouri

We have Ozark engineered WiFi and cell service. 
And are lucky to have services considering this area of Missouri.

  1. Rural cellular, Internet and satellite coverage is sparse due to a very low population density and fluxuating elevations.
  2. Connection is weather dependent.
  3. Our WiFi is free, but not GUARANTEED and NOT SECURE.
  4. Near I-44 and on top of some of the hills , service works works better.
  5. This RV Park is adjacent to and surrounded​ by a heavy forest AND surrounded by hills and valleys and dead zones as you travel the highways. 

  • If you need continual contact via your phone or laptop, traveling with your own hotspot and your own portable satellite will solve your problem. 
  • I found that when I was traveling in my RV it was so nice not to be dependant upon the services of others for connection and knowing I always had a secure connection for banking and personal business.
  • Please plan accordingly as "technology in the Boonies " is beyond our control.

GOOD NEWS, however.
When your cell is not working it makes a handy-dandy spare flashlight! 

  • We do have a booster to help give a better Wi-Fi signal.
  • porch_1 and porch_2 with password: camper01
  • Checking emails, looking at weather, contacting a canoe outfitter, calling a restaurant and using our WiFi for those type of things will assure that all campers can connect.
                        I am sure you understand why there is to be:
                                             NO STREAMING 
                                             NO MOVIE WATCHING
                                             NO GAME PLAYING
                                             NO YOUTUBE WATCHING
                               on our limited WiFi broadband service.

  1. ​You are welcome to come up to the office and relax on the porch, sit at a table, lounge in a chair and log on to the Wi-Fi.
  2. If you have a rooftop satellite you may find it difficul to pick up signals due to the heavy overhead tree foliage.
  3. The Tailgater and Playmate portable satellites can work well here but might be dependant on your camp site location and oliage coverage.
  4. If you are a customer of DirecTV you could be in luck, as we have installed two SWM satellites that you are welcome to coax into from your camper.
  5. REMEMBER TO BRING your own DirecTV receiver for service.
  6. You'll need to change your system to our zip code, 65559
  7. If you have problems, you may need to contact DirecTV via phone to help with your setup.
  8. Site 1 - 5 and Sites 12 -21 have the option of coaxing into our two DirecTV satellites.

Because we wouldn't want you to miss that big Nascar race or a Cardinals game,  
WE HAVE a great covered porch with chairs, tables, ceiling fans AND A BIG SCREEN TV for you to watch.
Check with the office for equipment.